"TOBY" One of the cats at the
"Office Sanctuary"

Toby just doesn't want to leave her
little bit of woods and trails and the
2 other cats who depend on her for
cat friendly company.  She won't let
us take her to the nice apartment.  
The mean men who made us relocate
the other cats aren't concerned about
these 3 other cats because they stay
in the woods and hide.

Toby is one of Snowball's kittens.
Snowball was over there with many
other cats who now reside in a
luxury apartment.  We brought
Snowball home one day because she
was very ill with Feline Leukemia
and also an infected wound on her
back neck-shoulder area.  I decided to
have her euthanized one week later
on that very sad day at the vet's
office.   Snowball rests in a special
garden with 3 other much loved cats.
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