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Our task must be to free widening our
circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature and
its beauty.

Albert Einstein

The greatness of a nation and
its moral progress can be
judged by the way its animals
are treated.

Mohandas Gandhi

I am in favor of animal rights
as well as human rights.  That
is the way of a whole human

Abraham Lincoln

If you have men who will
exclude any of God's creatures
from the shelter of
compassion and pity, you will
have men who will deal
likewise with their fellow men.

St. Francis of Assisi
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Who are the real animal lovers on this planet?  They are
the ones who rescue other animals even though they already have so many that their lives are absorbed by the huge
responsibilities that go with taking care of many animals.  They are the ones who care about other living beings and not just
themselves.  They are the ones who through intelligence and knowledge realize that all animals have thoughts and feelings
and that we all, all animals, feel pain, hunger, sorrow, despair, happiness, loneliness... They are the ones who are not selfish.  
Animal lovers are the ones who know that human beings although they consider themselves to be the superior species of the
universe, that human beings, many of them are the monsters of the universe.  This is exemplary in the way they treat all
lesser animals, species, and even other human beings.  Animal lovers know love.  They are the ones who keep trying to make
the majority of the population wake up and learn that just because other animals look different and act different doesn't
make them less important or less needful of basic needs, basic consideration, basic desires and wishes, basic rights that all
living beings on this planet deserve!




Flea Powder (make sure it says for cats or visa versa for

Tri-biotic Cream for injuries

Nail Clippers (read and learn how to do this correctly so
you won't hurt your pets)

Purina Dog Food

Fancy Feast - Cats



Flea & Tick Shampoo (one for dogs, another specifically
for cats)

Heart Guard (to prevent
heart worms in dogs)

Wormer for Cats
Wormer for Dogs

Fresh Water Daily
Bowl of Crushed Ice Dialy
(They Love This)

Brush (Cats love to be brushed)

For Horses

10% Betadine
Sports Rub
Accel Vitamins
Next Level
Vet Wrap
Farrier Rasp - Monster Size
Fly Spray
Fly Traps
Fly Mask
Good Feed
Hoof Conditioner
Thrush Buster
Pelleted Wormer

Feral Cats:

Fleas a problem on your rescued cats?  Purchase a little pill called "Capstar" (the one
for 2-25 lbs. both cats and dogs)  I believe one little pill will be good for 3 small cats.  
So if you have 12 feral cats, then you should use 2-3 Capstar pills in the "cat size pill."
Fancy Feast or Friskies, something the cat likes or even a can of Tuna Fish which they
love.  I mix the food and mashed pill in a bowl and then take it to my feral cats.  I
spoon out 3 portions to each plate of food onto paper plates and stand waiting until
they have all eaten some of the food with the Capstar in it.  Sometimes one or two of
the cats have irritated places and bumps from the flea bites.  In this case, I will just  
place the plate in front of those two cats to be sure they get the Capstar pill to make
those fleas go away.  Within 24 hours, you should also sprinkle a good flea powder on
the places where they like to hang out.  Also spray a little in different places but not
all at once because the sprays are toxic.  Clean and vacuum first, then sprinkle and
spray.  Make sure it doesn't get into their water or food.  You should also try to apply
some Frontline Plus (or one of the others like it) on the back of the cat's neck if you
can.  Follow the directions for the flea and tick products!  Or try to sprinkle a little
Flea Powder for cats on its back if possible.  If you can't get close to the cat, just try to
get control of the fleas with the pill, cleaning, sprays, powders.  Be sure to follow the
directions on the product label about applying any products on your cats fur and skin.
Baby Aspirin & Yucca Extract

Dogs can be given one baby aspirin every 6-8 hours.  
Coated aspirin made for dogs is easier on their stomach.  Walmart sells this.
Yucca Extract is a great product for pain control.  1800petmeds sells this.  Follow the directions on the bottle.  After
trying the yucca extract, I prefer it to aspirin because it worked better.


Fleas are dangerous to your pets.  Fleas carry worm eggs.  Worms can cause your dog and cat to become seriously ill.   
Also, If you feel little bumps all over your cats skin and see your cat biting and scratching you need to get a good flea
and tick shampoo.  If your cat is difficult to handle and keep still for a shampoo, get a small wash cloth and dab some
flea shampoo on it and dampen the cloth.  Then gently but firmly hold your cat near the water faucet where you can
rinse the cloth when needed.  Gently rub  or dab on the shampoo and after about a minute take the wet cloth and gently
rub where the little bumps and noticeable fleas are and when they are dead you will see them on the cloth.  The bumps
will remain a few days and you need to continue daily until the irritation and bumps go away.  In some cases, they start
to lose weight and probably you need to put the cat on antibiotics.  Watch you pets, if your cat has these flea symptoms
and starts hiding, losing weight, take her/him to the vet and get antibiotics.  Skin infections often cause kidney failure
in dogs and cats.

Skin So Soft by Avon helps to keep the fleas off.  I pour about 2 capfuls into the sink with about 2 tblspoons of Adams
flea and tick shampoo.  Mix these in the sink with room temp water and dab a wash cloth into this mixture.  Sponge it
on your cat or dog.  Don't rinse it off.  You can wrap your pet in a towel to dry him/her off a little.  You can also put
hydro-cortisone cream and tri-biotic cream (I mix them together and gently rub it on those areas) on the places where
your pet has sores from scratching.  This helps to relieve your pet and keep him/her from wanting to scratch the itchy
places.  Do it everyday or every other day until the fleas and sores are gone.  After that 1-2 times a week just to keep
them off.  This works.      

You can buy a little pill called Capstar in different sizes.  There is one for cats. This pill will kill most of the fleas in just
a few minutes so you also need to apply some frontline at the back of the cats neck as directed.  You also need to fog
your whole house.  Make sure your cats are in a place where the fog cannot get to them because it is poisonus.

When I fog for fleas, I will do separate rooms sealing off the rooms by closing the doors and putting a towel under the
door crack area so that the fog cannot get out into the places where our pets are walking around.  Be sure to air out the
foggy room before you let your pets go back in there.  Try to get the whole house fogged the same day if possible even if
you have to put your cat or dog on a screened in porch temporarily or in a little cage until it is safe to let them back in.  
Try to get the fleas under control ASAP and monitor your pets often.  Fleas are dangerous and can kill your pets.  

Our store is tailored for anyone who
wants good service and good
products.  The items selected for
our store are listed for animal lovers
who really want to take good care of
their pets, large and small.  All of
our products are centered around
animals. Some are for health and
wellness, Some are for fun and
enjoyment. Everything we sell is
about animals and when you buy
from the Animals' Store, we make a
commission which helps to support
our goals to help animals through
this website.  We sell dog and cat
items, horse boots and saddles,
non-prescription medical things,
books, movies,
figurines, collectibles, art,
vacuum cleaners,
food dehydrators, etc.
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This man named Hans Wagner
who lives near Berlin Germany
sold some of his big rabbits to
North Korea for a breeding
program to be killed and used for
Shame on this man.  The
North Koreans are brutal to
animals.  Rabbits are docile and
smart animals.  Look at the fear on
this rabbits face.  This man Hans
Wagner just wants attention and
money so he raises these sweet
animals to be sold for meat.  
Shame on you Hans.  You are a
mean, ignorant, stupid and selfish

If you want to learn more about
this you can go to
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An Abandoned Dog On The Highway

We were going into town one day to go out for lunch at a
restaurant.  It takes about 30 minutes to go where we were going.  
Most of the trip is busy highway.  About half-way, my husband
had to slam on his brakes because there was a dog on the highway
dragging a leash that had been cut off.  It appeared that this dog
had been dumped as trash by some monster who decided he did not
want this dog to be alive any more.
I told my husband to get onto the side of the highway and stop so
we could help this poor dog.  Jim kept driving.  I was fuming.  I
told him over and over to get over and stop and he did not do it.  
Finally he got agitated and sped up and then said, “O.K. Do you
want to go back.  We will go back and I bet someone else already
helped the dog.”  I said, “yes” go back.  So we turned around and
went back but did not see the dog and I told Jim that he did not go
back far enough.  He insisted that he did and that someone helped
that dog.  I insisted that he didn’t go back far enough so  he fumed
and gunned the car once to prove he was upset.  He didn’t want to
bother about this dog right now.  I told him that if he didn’t go
back and do it right I was going to an attorney on Monday.  Do you
know what that meant?  Huh!  The day was going to be ruined if he
didn’t turn around for that dog.
He said he would go back further this next time just to prove that
someone else helped that dog.  I sighed with relief.  We turned
around and went back far enough the next time and Jim proved to
me that someone else did indeed help the poor dog.  
On this day I felt good knowing that more people are starting to be
less selfish about helping neglected and abused animals.  The
argument with my husband was worthwhile because it made him
understand that helping an abandoned animal was important.  It
also showed him that I’m not the only one who cares enough to stop
my day to help another living being in need of help from being
crushed by someone driving a car or truck who doesn’t care about
the life of another being that wanted to live without suffering and
pain.  This showed Jim that by taking a few more minutes of time to
to  do the right thing made it possible to move forward into a nice

by Anonymous