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Equine Adoption Network
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Before you buy a dog,
make sure you wil be able to take care of the dogs needs
such as good food, veterinarian costs, adequate and secure
fenced in area for the dog to move around and run a little,
exercise, a nice, roomy and sturdy dog house, and time to
share with the dog.  Dogs need love, attention and exercise.  
Make sure you know how big that small puppy will grow up
to be.  Different breeds or mixed breeds are prone to certain
types of behavior. Learn about the breed before you buy or
adopt a dog.  Once you own a dog,  keep the dog and care for
it like you love it or you will break that dog's heart forever!

Dogs like Labrador Retrievers start out small and quiet but
quickly become very active.  They jump all over you and get
into everything they can get into.  It takes about 3 years for
a lab to start to settle down.  They are very intelligent and
very trainable but it does take some patience.  They are very
loyal to their much loved master.  They eat and eat.  They
are prone to have very dry skin.  I rub 1% hydrocortisone
cream on the dry areas of his body about once a week and
give him a spoon of olive oil on his food daily as well as lipid
tabs such as Efa caplets which help very much.

Coccidia is a nasty parasitic bug that makes your cat have a
very nasty, runny stool.  The cat cannot help it.  The owner
needs to get the cat to a vet for treatment.  Your cat can die
from this horrible bug.  Two weeks of the proper dosage of
antibiotic will make this go away.   Some vets won't treat this
as aggressive as they should.   Make sure your vet gives the
correct dosage and  instructions for the antibiotic or your cat
will continue to keep this bug in its system.  You can go to Ask
a Vet Online to be sure before you go to your local vet.  
Coccidia has a certain very nasty smell.  Vets will tell you that
it is hard to detect this bug even under a microscope.  But they
all should know the about the characteristic smell.   If you
suspect your cat has this bug, ask your vet to please treat the
cat for it just to be sure.
One vet told me there was nothing else they could do for this
cat.  He had said that they didn't find anything at the
microscope but that the smell was awful.
Shame on that vet!

I took the cat to another vet the same day.  She said she would
treat the cat for Coccidia even though she wasn't sure.  Then
the cat had a little mess on the table and they realized it was
indeed Coccidia because of the notorious smell.  However, this
vet did not give the proper dosage prescription so I had to call
the vet again after two weeks and request  a stronger amount
which I had read was the proper dosage by way of the Internet.  

Coccidia needs to be treated aggressively with
Albon (aka Sulfadimethoxine).
Horses & Founder

You can buy books about how to trim a horse
correctly.  Amazon has reviews so you can pick a good
one on this subject.  The horse needs to be trimmed
"pastern axis."  Incorrect trimming can hurt your
horse and cause problems. An example:  A farrier
once took way too much heel off of one of my horses
and it caused serious problems with balance and
improper heel growth.

Don't try to nail shoes onto a horse without going to a
good farrier school!
This is a good little rasp for a quick little minor repair
but you really need a heavy duty rasp for the 4-6 week
kind of trim and especially for trimming a foundered
horse.  Rasps don't last very long.
Farrier tools
"Sports Rub" - I highly recommend this
product for  sore muscles, ligaments, hoves,
and the back.

Below are links to places where you can
purchase automatic pet feeders.  These days it
is difficult to trust the care of your animals and
home to someone else.  Automatic feeders
either run on batteries or have battery back-up.

Below are links to automatic pet feeder
websites.  An automatic pet feeder is a
tempting thing to contemplate purchasing.  
These days it is difficult to trust the care of
your animals and home to someone else.  
Automatic feeders either run on batteries or
have battery back-up.
We like the LeBistro automatic pet feeder for
our dogs.  There are 3 different sizes.  For the
big dogs the large one is best.

For cats the Petsafe feeder with 2 meals is a
good one.  There is another one with 8 meals
per day also.
Hoof Slippers
Information posted on this website
is not
intended to be used as a veterinary
service.  We post information to
help the general public learn and
be more aware of what certain
could possibly mean
regarding their pets.   We are not
veterinarians and it is important
that all pet owners use a good
veterinarian for any pets in need
of medical attention.  Finding a
GOOD VET is another story
altogether.  Search for ratings and
reviews first.  Once you are in the
office, your dog/cat/horse is going
to be controlled by that vet.

Check out the "pet insurance"
page and consider the options
there to help pay for your pets
medical care.

Antibiotics and Pain

I recently took my dog to a vet.  This
dog had pain in his abdomen and back
hip area.  He would cry and scream if
we tried to lift him up or if he tried to
jump up onto a piece of furniture.   

The vet took xrays and did blood work.  
When he was doing xrays he made us
wait in another room and I heard my
dog screaming for about 5 minutes.  I
opened the door to ask if I could help.  
The vet was trying to force my dog to
lie on his back when he knew the dog
was in terrible pain.  The vet should
have suggested a tranquilizer.  He kept
my dog overnight.  The next day he did
more xrays and I suggested a
tranquilizer which he charged $45.00

Next day he sold me clavamox,
vetprofen and tramadol.  When my dog
started taking these things, he would
shiver, his nose got very cold, and he
chewed his paws, legs and private areas
constantly until he fell asleep from the
tramadol.  I called and spoke to his
assistant and asked for another pain
medicine and the vet never called me
back regarding that.  I started doing
research on the above prescriptions.

There are numerous lawsuits against
vets for prescribing
Rimadol.  There have been problems
CLAVAMOX also.  There are also
side effects with
the link below to learn about
Vetprofen.  Be sure to tell everyone not
to let your vet prescribe this pain
"killer".  Read what this has done to
other dogs.

One week after the first day I brought
my dog to that vet, the vet called and
left a message asking how my dog was
doing.  Sorry, but I don't believe he
really cares just because he called.  He
should not have prescribed the above
meds.  After 4 days I stopped giving
those to my dog.  I hope my dog will be

I spent $700 on this.  

Click on link below to read
about Vetprofen/Rimadol !

Lawsuits Against
You can buy coated aspirin for
dogs at Walmart in the pet deparment.  
This is just like baby aspirin but has a
coating on the outside of the pill to protect
the dogs stomach because aspirin is hard
on the gastrointestinal track. This dog
aspirin works well and helps my dog.

I prefer Yucca Extract for my

You can buy Yucca Extract at
1800petmeds.com.   Follow the directions
on the bottle.
This stuff is better than aspirin for dogs
because it works fast and doesn't cause
stomach problems.

Don't give aspirin to cats!
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