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What Is A Garden?

A Garden is a piece of land where someone gets down on the hands and knees to pull weeds, then back up to hoe and till the
soil and fertilize it to then start planting seeds for vegetables and all sorts of edible plants.

A Garden is a specified area where someone places large containers or beautiful pots to plant herbs and vegetables and flowers
and lush green plants.

A garden is an indoor arboretum, a place for many varieties of beautiful  plants with filtered light and special care by a
horticulture specialist.

A garden is a pond where plants and insects and fish and amphibians and even snakes and other animals like to be for their
own reasons.

A garden is a living being's own heart where minute by minute impressions and thoughts are harvested for memories in old

A garden is a graveyard with flowers in front of headstones where memories rest in peace as long as our planet stays around
long enough to stay round.

A garden is a place in our souls that is free and virtually private where we think, dream, hope and wish.

Garden is a beautiful word that is spoken of my millions of people every minute of the day.

Did you see the movie "The Secret Garden?"

A garden is where Beatrix Potters storybook rabbits, frogs, mice, etc. played and got into mischief.

A garden is a painting full of color, images, and artistic impressions displayed with unique brush strokes.

A garden is the place where animals from the woods hope to stumble upon for a nice dinner now and then.

Dogs like to play in gardens especially if they can dig in them or play hide and seek.

Budda sits laughing in a garden.

The Japanese have beautiful Japanese gardens with bridges, rocks, ponds, koi fish, insects, butterflies, and Cherry Blossum
trees facing beautiful mountains over-looking sparkling waters.

A garden is on the table for dinner, a vegetable garden.

Earth is the only big round garden planet that we know exists in the universe and any possible others are extremely far away.

The gardens that are part of us all, all animals and living beings, are very fragile but special and unique.

Every living thing on this garden planet is unique and special.

The stars, moons and planets surrounding Earth could be described as a sparkle garden but nothing survives on them, nothing
like Earths' beautiful living animals.

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